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Ane Haramix

Ane Haramix

Because their parents died early, the protagonist Takami Akitoshi has been living together with his beautiful elder sister, Hitomi, while hiding his lustful desire for her. One day, a mysterious girl comes into his room. Her name is Mina, and she is Death. She explains to him that she has come to take his soul, because he has reached the end of his life span. Hearing Takami screaming, Hitomi comes. After the situation is explained to her, she asks Mina to save her brother. Mina is moved by Hitomi’s earnestness, and shows them the way to extend Takami’s lifespan—if he will impregnate someone within a week, she will give him another 10 years of life.

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Tagges as: Incest, Big breasts, Pregnant, Devilgirl, Yuri, Group

Date Added: Dec 30, 2012

Status: Completed

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