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Papillion Rose Lingerie Soldier OVA

Papillion Rose Lingerie Soldier OVA

* At first it was a fan-anime and was distributed via the Internet. The creators called it Original Net Anime (ONA). A "very ecchi" parody of Sailor Moon. For young Tsubomi-chan, working as a lingerie-clad hostess and surviving high school is a way of life. Little does she know that she is about to become an unwitting pawn in a battle of orgasmic proportions, once she beds the charming Hikaru and seals her fate as a Papillon Soldier! Using her patented Rose Orgasm Power Erection special move, Tsubomi-chan must fight the minions of Regina Apis, a ruthless woman who seeks to possess all the sexual energy of the world! Source: ANN & Anime-Planet

Category: Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy, Daily Life, Demons, Ecchi, Fantasy, Large Breasts, Magic, Mahou Shoujo, Nudity, Parody, Seinen, Slapstick

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Date Added: Jan 15, 2013

Status: Completed

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